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Reading L'étourdit: The Second Turn.Chapter 2: The Discourse of the Analyst.

The Letter, Issue 45, Autumn 2010, Pages 17 - 36

Reading L’Étourdit: The Second Turn[1]

Chapter 2: The Discourse of the Analyst

Christian Fierens

This continuation of Christian Fieren's 2002 book, Lecture de L'étourdit. Lacan 1972. (Paris: L'Harmattan, 2002), is translated here into English by Cormac Gallagher. Fierens follows the four sections of Lacan‟s work, in the previous paper, and in doing so, provides an excellent exposition of the many difficult passages, allusions, and references. In so doing, he enables us to re-read Lacan which facilitates a movement which goes beyond the meaning of the said, to the ab-sense of the sense. This opens up ever- expanding vistas as symbolized in aspherical topology which provides a path to the enormity of the task involved in psychoanalytic discourse.

Keywords: labite; love-insurance; phallic function/topology; the real; cross-cap

(209) Analysis operates from ab-sense and has only one reference: the phallic function developed in the topology of the cross-cap. It is the psychoanalytic discourse that produces this reference which operates only on the structure of the asemantic signifier. But what is the social bond brought into play in the psychoanalytic discourse? In a first section, we will see that “the psychoanalytic group is impossible”; this impossibility implies that psychoanalytic discourse follows a thread that runs through the ideologies of our time (second section); essentially movable, the psycho- analytic discourse does not admit of any normalisation (third section); it will have to be constructed from the impossible of other discourses, therefore from the real and from the o-object (fourth section).

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