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Reading L’Étourdit. Second Turn. Chapter 3: Sense and Structure

The Letter, Issue 49, Spring 2012, Pages 23 - 50





Christian Fierens

We forsake meaning in order to advance into sense. Castration no longer has the Freudian meaning but the sense which aims at the cut. The teachable starts not just from number but from the saying of number. Structure is topology and Kant’s transcendental dialectic corresponds to spherical topology. Interpretation is the cut that makes the structure evident, and love must end up as hate for there to be a saying. The process of treatment results in the certainty of the supposed subject which is situated in the three dimensions of impossibility: sex, sense, and meaning.

Keywords: sense, teaching, saying, said, structure, topology, modification of structure, the end of analysis

(233) Psychoanalytic discourse puts meaning in parenthesis and puts movement into sense. How does sense teach us? The first section will respond: by translation. What does it teach us? The second section will respond: structure. Far from being congealed, this structure is modification (third section). The last section will show how structure allows for the end of analysis.

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