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Helen Sheehan - “You‟re not going out like that, are you?”


Issue 43 (Spring 2010) Pages – 111-119


This paper situates Frank Wedekind’s play, Spring Awakening, in a Freudian-Lacanian framework. The masked man who makes his appearance towards the end of the play is said to be a mediator between life and death for the adolescents, just as the preface written by J. Lacan suggests that the masked man serves as one of the names of the father. 

I am basing my talk today on a play by the German, Frank Wedekind (1864-1918), called Spring Awakening.1


Written in 1891, it created a scandal for the twenty-six year old playwright and it took sixteen years for German censorship on the drama to be lifted and then with crucial concessions…..

“You're not going out like that, are you?”

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