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Maria Belo - On Her Own…?


At the beginning of the first lesson of Encore Lacan says:

'…and then I realised that what my laborious journeying was about was something of the order of  I don’t want to  know anything about it. …There is apparently also on your part, in the great mass of you who are here, the same I don’t want to know anything about it. But…is it the same? … I do not think so.  And it is precisely because you suppose that I start from elsewhere in this I don’t want to know anything about it that this supposing binds you to me. So that while it is true when I say that, with respect to you, that I can only be here in my position of analysand of my ‘I want to know nothing about it’… And that indeed is why it is only when your own seems sufficient to you that you are able to detach yourself from your analysis.'

On Her Own...?


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