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Does a space exist which guarantees the transmission of psychoanalysis?


Robert Levy


All the difficulty of this type of experience lies in what is involved in the irreducible singularity of the act which necessarily opposes the general truth, the universal therefore. In other words, transmission can only be understood in the school of psychoanalysis as a truth to one by one. This is to say if the dimension of the real opposes any hint of universalization. Moreover, the very notion of a school in psychoanalysis poses a delicate question. Indeed, to consider a school would be to have resolved in advance an a priori of constitutive elements of a transmission that would ensure the realization of this transmission in a way that would be universalizable for all. But the dimension of the loss and uncertainty of what is transmitted to one by one makes it possible to envisage the notion of school only in the aftermath (laprès coup) of what may or may not have been a transmission for a given subject. We will try to build these dimensions so as to question the terms of school and transmission in the face of a truth that can not be considered as an all.


Keywords: Psychoanalysis; transmission; school; truth;

Does a Space Exist which Guarantees the Transmission of Psychoanalysis?


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