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Tom Dalzell – What Freud Learned in Theodor Meynert’s Clinic


THE LETTER 49 Spring 2012, pages 65-72. 


This paper examines what Freud learned from the famous Viennese  psychiatrist, Theodor Meynert, during his time at Vienna’s second psychiatric clinic in 1883. It argues that psychoanalysis’ refusal to accept unscientifictheories of mental illness and uncritical emphases on heredity is due in no small part to the influence on Freud of Meynert. It also contends that Freud’s subsequent parting from institutional psychiatry, because of Meynert’s rejection of his use of hypnosis and belief in male hysteria, was unfortunate since Freud later gave up hypnosis and Meynert admitted to being a male hysteric.

What Freud Learned in Theodor Meynert’s Clinic

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