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Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker – Style is the Man Himself


THE LETTER 37 (Summer 2006) pages 120-143




I would like to begin our dialogue by briefly recounting the path that led me to this moment. I believe it may be used as an example for the proposed objective, which is to introduce some Lacanian concepts and place them within a context. Therefore, the questions are: Which context? Context for whom?


Six years ago I was completely at a loss at a psychology conference being held in Venezuela. I don’t know if you have had the opportunity to participate in one of these mega conferences. There are hundreds of things going on at the same time and none of it is leading anywhere. It’s almost like a supermarket of lectures, strictly controlled by the flow of time that is coordinated by speech and activity between one meeting-room and another. It was under these circumstances, taken over by inconvenient red tape typically found at universities, and by exaggerated consumption, typically encouraged by the hype of masses, that I had a strange experience. I came across Erica Burman criticizing developmental psychology.

Style is the Man Himself

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