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Sarah Clarke, Elizabeth Lawlor, Mary Clarke – Reflections on the Challenges of Psychosis


THE LETTER 55 & 56 Spring/Summer 2014, pages 41-52.


Recent research does not support the pessimistic view of recovery outcomes in those receiving early intervention for psychosis. However the effectiveness of any intervention depends on the willingness of the patient to engage with intervention in a sustained manner. Engaging people with a psychotic illness can prove challenging. Understanding the role of individual appraisal may contribute to the engagement and management of the illness and lead to improved recovery.


Keywords: psychosis, recovery, engagement, cognitive processes


Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature and that is because in the last analysis we ourselves are part of the mystery we are trying to solve’ (Max Planck 1858 – 1947).

Reflections on the Challenges of Psychosis

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