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Christian Fierens – Reading L’Étourdit – First Turn – Chapter 2 – Freud’s Saying


THE LETTER 51 Autumn 2012, pages 23-44.


The signifier(S1) represents the subject ($) for another signifier(S2). In the master discourse the signifie, taken as a semblance (S1), can be used for something quite other, quite Other (S2). The master discourse is stabilized in the relationship between S1 and S2. It develops the meaning-relationship. As a practice of free association, a practice of the signifie, should analysis be polarised towards the meaning-relationship? Does analysis consist in separating out such a relationship from the remarks of the analysand? In this way free association would always culminate in a significant relationship: ‘Whatever you might say, it will always end up by cross-checking with itself’.

Reading L’Étourdit – First Turn – Chapter 2 – Freud’s Saying

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