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Morning Discussion - Conference: ‘Why was psychoanalysis founded by an emigrant?’


Issue 66-67 (Autumn 2017/Spring 2018) Pages 65-68


9th December 2017 in Marino Institute, Dublin


Patricia McCarthy: I have two comments. My first comment is addressed to Malachi – Malachi, given that we suffer from a passion for ignorance, all of us, leaving us all, at the end of analysis, having to tolerate a certain ‘I don’t want to know anything about it’, my comment touches a bit on Cormac’s opening question on the difference between founding institutions of learning as opposed to the founding of psychoanalysis. Given that we suffer from this passion for ignorance, isn’t it necessary then for us to speak about the discourses, and the psychoanalytic discourse in particular, in order to better get our bearings?

Morning Discussion - Conference: ‘Why was psychoanalysis founded by an emigrant?

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