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Marion Deane – Lebar Na H-Uidre – Book of the Dun Cow – A Translation


THE LETTER 27 (Spring 2003) pages 43-50


Lebar na h-Uidre 


Book of the Dun Cow


La n-aen ro batar mathi Ulad im Chonchobur i n-Emain Macha,


One day the nobles of Ulster were around Concobur in Emain Macha.

no thathigtís énlaith mág ar Emuin.


A birdflock used visit the plain in front of Emain.


Na gelltís, conna facabtais cid mecnu nafér ná lossa hi talam.Ba tochomracht la hUltu anaicsiu oc collud a n-hírend.Imlaat nói cairptiu dia tojund laa n-and,


They used graze it until they left not even roots nor grass nor herbs in the ground.The Ulstermen were troubled to see them destroying their land.One day, they prepare nine chariots to pursue them,


ar bá bés léu-somforim én.Conchobar daña hi sudiu inna charput ocus afiur Deictire ossi maccdacht.Issi ba hara dia brathair.


for it was a custom with them to hunt birds. Concobar was there in his chariot and his sister Deictire, and she was of marriagable age.She was chariot-driver to her brother.


Errid Ulad ar chenae inna carptib, i.


The warriors of Ulster (were) also in their chariots, ie.


Conall ocus Loegaire, ocus cach olchena. Bricriu daña leu.


Conall and Laegaire, and every-one else. Briccriu was with them as well.

Lebar Na H-Uidre – Book of the Dun Cow – A Translation

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