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Christian Fierens – L’Étourdit – The Second Turn – Chapter 4 – Interpretation


THE LETTER 50 Summer 2012, pages 23-46


Structure ana-lyses the neurotic torus, by re-ascending towards the cross-cap that makes it possible.  It dismantles the torus into a Moebius strip which allows the analyser, at the end of analysis, to rediscover himself at once in sex, sense and meaning. ‘These benefits (44e; 488) are supported ‘by a second-saying’, as the three preceding chapters have demonstrated.  Are these benefits going to last or are they ephemeral?  They last, they are well established, inasmuch as they allow the saying which produced them to be forgotten.  It is quite useful that saying should be forgotten behind the said in what is understood: the analyser will comfortably enjoy the benefits acquired during the treatment only inasmuch as they are inscribed, as they are established in a discourse which avoids the switching of discourses.  From this point of view it is better not to become an analyst! …

L’Étourdit – The Second Turn – Chapter 4 – Interpretation

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