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  • Welcome to Issue 61 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "We continue our undertaking to publish over six issues back to back, the full text of Christian Fierens’ Second Reading of Lacan’s L’Etourdit (2012).


    This project we began in 2014 with Issue 57. Four issues later, we bring you Chapter 4 The Stuff of the Psychoanalytic Discourse and its Cut.


    This issue has an additional international feel with contributions from Marc Darmon and Michael Plastow who participated in work-exchanges in Dublin during 2015.


    Issue 61 also carries contributions from two of our colleagues Helen Sheehan and Marion Deane in addition to an essay on Joyce, addressed through the prism of three of Lacan’s seminars, from Daniel Bristow.


    Fierens reminds us that the philosophical discourse and the psychoanalytic discourse come of the same stuff – these we name saids, which, at this stage of our engagement with L’Etourdit and Fierens’ two Readings, we, at a minimum, understand to be distinct from saying. The philosopher ‘will always remain at the dit-mensions of the said, the truth does not get away from the said and does not touch saying.’ It’s not enough (then) for the ‘haughty analyst’ to want to have nothing to do with the philosopher, as both, we have to admit, when speaking about psychoanalysis ‘side by side, situate themselves perfectly in the arena of the (half)said’. Hence, when we (psychoanalysts) talk about our subject, we remain firmly in the domain of saids – having ‘not left the philosophical discourse by a sliver’ – and the philosopher, like us, can ‘very well explain the theoretical corpus of psychoanalysis’.


    Where does that leave us? Surely with an urgency to speak about how to differentiate the master discourse qua philosophical from the psychoanalytic discourse in action."


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    Issue 61 - Spring 2016

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