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  • Welcome to Issue 55/56 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "This double issue of The Letter sees the publication of the proceedings of the conference Treatment Challenges in Psychosis: Voices of Difference – Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue held at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin on December 6th 2013. We should consider it remarkable that all ten speakers on the day have contributed written transcripts of their talks for this important issue.1,2 It is equally remarkable that a conference such as this takes place at all, allowing for the entrenched positions that psychiatrists and psychoanalysts can assume when it comes to their contrasting approaches to a topic such as psychosis and its treatment. Since 2008, this, the fourth in a series where we have come together to enter into dialogue on the topic of psychosis, is the second in the Voices of Difference series, where we are taking as our focus the treatment challenges that it poses.


    Let us begin by looking at an example in the Irish context of how psychoanalysis and psychiatry can work together. James O’Connor gives us a personal account of how he has come to establish a locus for psychoanalytic work with the Dublin North Mental Health Services. And his colleague in the same service, psychiatrist Malcolm Garland, in his ‘Brief reflections from the front line..’ adds his support for O’Connor’s endeavour, while giving emphasis to the limitations of the medical model in psychosis treatment. This might serve as a beacon of hope for those of us who are confronted by a low tolerance for psychoanalytic practice within the public psychiatric service. However, ‘the Irish situation’ falls short of what has been realised in other jurisdictions."


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    Issue 55 & 56 - Spring/Summer 2014

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