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  • Welcome to Issue 52 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "With Issue 52 of The Letter, Tony Hughes has decided to hand over the role of Editor, a step that he takes reluctantly for health reasons. Happily for the Board, he will stay on as a corresponding editor, thus continuing his sympathetic and rigorous guidance and influence in an invaluable ‘backroom’ capacity. Over three years his editorship has seen the publication of nine stimulating Issues – 43 through 51. In a singularly important way, he fostered the blossoming in print of papers from members of the Irish School for Lacanian Psychoanalysis (ISLP). The publication of papers is a crucial formative step for members of ISLP, following on for the most part, from oral presentations made in the course of Intercartel Study Days that are held twice a year in Dublin. These papers, in turn, are the life-blood of The Letter and Tony has unstintingly overseen, championed and guided their publication during his tenure. For that we cannot thank him enough.


    And so, with the handing over of the helm, members of ISLP  can be assured that The Letter continues on an unchanged course. This is reflectedin the fact that three  papers from  members of ISLP  feature in  this current issue 52, along with one further impressive and challenging  chapter from Christian Fierens’ Lecture de L’Etourdit, Chapter Three of the First Turn: There is no sexual relationship."


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    Issue 52 - Spring 2013

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