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  • Welcome to Issue 44 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "It is worthy of note that in this issue of The Letter all the articles have been the outcome of work in the cartels of the ISLP, thereby actualising the assurance of The Founding Act that what is written by members of the cartels will have ‘the repercussions it deserves’, and in the appropriate place. In conjunction with one’s own personal analysis, Cormac Gallagher emphasises the role of the cartel as the field of central importance in the formation of the analyst. Firstly he sets out his interpretation of the way in which cartels are structured in order to further this crucial role of formation. Then he extrapolates from the record of the discussions on the Cartel Study Days, in Paris, of 1975. It shows the failure to implement the policy of the School as specified in the Founding Act, Adjunct and Preamble, and contextualises the difficulties which had arisen. Finally he gives a brief account of the status of the cartels to-day, which is one of absence, with the exception of the experiment of the ISLP. Guy Le Gaufey’s comment as quoted in the text that this paper is ‘one of the best, the most complete I’ve read on this topic…[and that] it could be considered as a sort of “founding” paper for the ISLP’, is entirely apt."


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    Issue 44 - Summer 2010

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