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  • Welcome to Issue 34 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "Welcome to the Summer 2005 issue of The Letter. We have had enormous pleasure in assembling this issue which brings to the reader articles from writers who have published previously in The Letter along with articles from newcomers to these pages. We have cast our net far and wide and the result is – if not exactly a ‘mixed grill’ as Lacan refers to the ingredients of his seminar on Ethics – then something that will equally arouse the appetite. Most of these articles are expanded versions of work presented at conferences, symposia or clinical meetings.


    The issue opens with two articles concerning Lacan’s treatment of Antigone. Firstly we have Calum Neill’s consideration of the ethical significance of Antigone. Calum will argue that it is not so much the case that Antigone’s act functions as the quintessential ethical act but rather, that the ethical significance of the play lies in the manner in which it would relate to the desire of the spectator. A new writer for The Letter, Calum is a lecturer in Social Psychology at Napier University in Edinburgh."


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    Issue 34 - Summer 2005

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