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  • Welcome to Issue 19/20 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "In a slight departure from the normal run of events, this publication of THE LETTER comprises both the Summer issue and the Autumn issue for the year 2000. Our hope is that this double dose will be medicine enough to carry the reader through to Spring 2001, when the third and final issue in this volume will see the light of day. That will bring to you the proceedings of the Seventh APPI November Congress, which will be in full swing as this present number is being distributed.


    André Michels’ article on anxiety opens our work, in two senses: it is the first paper and it is one which allows for an opening into psychoanalytic work itself via the gateway of anxiety which, he explains, always announces the arrival of that which is truly new. On that note, it might be appropriate to mention here something which, if only in a modest way, can lay claim to that character of ‘newness’ – something, incidentally, to which André contributed his share. APPI this year launched a series of clinical seminars – The Direction of the Treatment Today – involving the participation of clinicians from at home and abroad, most of whom have already made their way to our shores on other occasions, all of whom have left something behind in their wake – a little something that usually makes its way into the space of THE LETTER."


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    Issue 19 & 20 - Summer/Autumn 2000

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