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  • Welcome to Issue 17 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "This issue of THE LETTER opens with Cormac Gallagher’s article on sexual difference in The Logic of Phantasy, Lacan’s Seminar XIV held during the academic year 1966-67, which remains unpublished in French, the only English translation of which is that available for private circulation through the working group at St Vincent’s hospital. Regular readers will know that the seminar was the focus of last year’s November congress of APPI, the proceedings of which were published in Issue 15, Cormac Gallagher’s contribution to that publication being a translation of Lacan’s summary of his own seminar. We are delighted to be able to continue an engagement with that particular seminar here. Gallagher’s paper re-introduces us to Lacan’s programme ‘to refine Freud’s use of logic by introducing logical symbolism in a much more explicit way’, culminating in the Phantasy as axiom.


    Jason Glynos’s paper continues this exploration of Lacan’s formalisation of psychoanalysis. Beginning by looking at the significance of Lacan’s assertion that ‘there is no metalanguage’ when viewed against the backdrop of his other, seemingly paradoxical, claims that ‘the Unconscious is structured like a language’ and that ‘all language implies a metalanguage’, he arrives at a point already underscored for us by Gallagher, – ‘The Unconscious writes’."


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    Issue 17 - Autumn 1999

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