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Cormac Gallagher – Introduction to Guy Le Gaufey’s Article on Sexuation


Issue 39 (Autumn 2008) - Pages 1 - 10


The author discusses his difficulties in translating Guy Le Gaufey’s article Towards a Critical Reading o f the Formulae of Sexuation”. He summarises this article as it first appeared and outlines the historical and clinical issues in Le Gaufey’s recent book, Lacan’s Notall.


Traduttore -Traditore!


Early in 2005 a senior French psychoanalyst who had been secretary of the old EFP for twelve years and who during the early 1970’s was spoken of as one of the ‘gang of four’, the ‘Bande de Moebius’ who were likely to succeed Lacan as its head, asked me if I had read Guy Le Gaufey’s article on Sexuation:


“the best thing ever written on the subject.” Since this man rarely recommends any reading material – I should know since he has been my psychoanalyst for the guts of forty years – I set about reading the article and got Le Gaufey’s go-ahead to attempt a translation………

Introduction to Guy Le Gaufey’s Article on Sexuation

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