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Christian Fierens – The Psychoanalytical Discourse – A Second Reading of Lacans L’Étourdit – Chapter 2


THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 1-30


Over against the approach of witnessing which transforms the supposedly
established act of saying into the statement of a said and heard, it will be a
matter of starting from the said to rediscover a saying which on the one hand
is forgotten and which on the other hand cannot be expressed in the form of
a said. The task seems hopeless: we have saying and the said–heard (ditentendu)
in their opposition, the first is completely forgotten, we can only
start from the second and, what is more, we cannot exhibit saying in terms of
saids, or again in terms of truth, since the truth is always of the domain of the
said, more precisely of the half-said. In truth there is no saying.

A Second Reading of Lacans L’Étourdit – Chapter 2

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