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Analyse Freudienne London Conference April 1995. A Summary.

The Letter, Issue 7, Summer 1996, Pages 110 - 111

Conference Report


The conference theme, Ethics and the Desire of the Analyst, was addressed by speakers from England, France and Ireland under the four topics of ethics, transmission, technique and the cure.

Concerning ethics, Lindsay Watson (London) wondered if the resistance to analysis in England was due to confusion between ethics and statistics. Helen Sheehan (Dublin) raised the question of the possibility of ethics, when the first appreciation of reality by the human subject is the Real, Das Ding, the 'hostile one? Hara Pepeli (London) developed the ethics of Roger Money-Kyrle, and noted the lack of ethics in Kleinian theory. Andrew Hodgkiss (London) compared Nietzche's Ubermensch and the desire of the analyst.

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