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A Few Observations Concerning A Psychoanalytical Cure Of An Adolescent

The Letter, Issue 23, Autumn 2001, Pages 33 - 42



Dominique Simonney

Based on a cure of a diabetic adolescent who refuses to take her medicine correctly, we will show how - psychoanalysis allows this patient to free herself of blocks associated with the medical discourse.

The function of repetition will be highlighted through two series of recurring dreams; the link between repetition and enjoyment (puissance) will also be examined. Furthermore, this paper will call attention to the way psychoanalysis brings to light a subject's identifications, allowing him to set his sights on his desire by getting rid of certain symptoms which sign away his future.

In France there are health centers for children and adolescents, called Medico Psycho Pedagogico Centers. I am the Medical-director of one of them located in Morsang sur Orge, a town near Paris. We give consultations to young people who are having problems, whether those difficulties concern language, writing, learning to read, or, psychological suffering or behavior problems. The young people are sent to us by teachers, doctors and also by their parents. From time to time an adolescent will come directly to us of his own accord. The staff is made up of speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, psychologists and doctors, the two latter groups having gone through analytical training in our center.

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