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  • Welcome to Issue 48 of The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.


    Excerpt from the Editorial:


    "Melman raises the age-old question – who authorises us? He links this to the lack of difference between inside and outside which is revealed in the clinic. Lacan’s use of topology facilitates our conceptual understanding of this paradox. His connection of mourning to the dead father is thought-provoking, as is his reading of insight into the distinction between the Real and reality, and how this had such an impact on Schreber’s father, and consequently Schreber himself.


    Richardson’s paper on Marilyn Monroe develops the relationship with the Real which was so constitutive of the ultimate tragedy of Monroe’s life. He shows how the Symbolic Order wove an unbreakable thread from her grandparents and became established in the third generation. The image on the silver screen was the re-embodiment of Monroe’s mirror stage, and its captivation as gaze was what caught the rapture of her global audience. Richardson’s paper was so moving that when he delivered a similar paper in Israel he is said to have brought some of his audience to tears."


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    Issue 48 - Autumn 2011

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