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Oscar Zenter – Hateloving in the Transference


THE LETTER 49 (Spring 2012) pages 81-94


No ashes, no coal can burn with such glow as a secretive love of which no one must know Sabina Spielrein


…  To be slandered and scorched by the love with which we operate – such are the perils of our trade, which we are certainly not going to abandon in their account. Navigare necesse est, vivere non necesse.”  Sigmund Freud


Borges: Yes, a lover is like a god …Uchida: Yet there must be a recipient to contain that god. The centre is always empty and that is where God is present.Borges: Yes, empty. That is what is important … Empty. That is exactly what the gushi in the sanctuary of Meiji said.     Mic Uchida

Hateloving in the Transference

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